1/8th Stock car is Born

BRCA Public Relations Officer Alan Leighton discovers behind the scenes of how a Stock ca is born


The BRCA Public Relations Officer & 8th Stock Cars section  PRO Alan Leighton went behind the scenes of how an 8th Stock Car is built and discovers some history of the class.


Accepting the invitation by Ben Harding, Stock car Section Chairman and 2018 World Champion to have my own Stock car built and prepared for the 2019 race season. These videos are in three episodes covering from the very begining with the raw materials, and the engineering that goes into the construction of a world winning Stock car.Together with another sucessful Member 12th F1 Stock car World Champion  and engineer Rob Teuke shows whats involved in the creation of a new chassis and race preparation. 


Special Thanks to Ben Harding & Rob Teuke Top job Guys.


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