*** 1/8th Stock Cars 2019 Section Conference ***


Don’t forget 1/8th Stock Car racers our 2019 Annual Section Conference is a week on Saturday followed by the Main BRCA AGM on the Sunday please make every effort to attend.  


The Stock Cars Section Conference (previously referred to as Section AGM) will take place on Saturday 26th October 10.30 am with the main BRCA AGM taking place on Sunday 27th October.

The venue for our section conference is

Premier Inn Leicester, Fosse Park, Braunstone Lane East, LE3 2FW


No proposals have been submitted so the sections rules will remain unchanged for the third year running which I guess shows we have a good and stable set of rules that everyone is happy with.

Sam Wearing is stepping down from the Points and Grading role so I would like to thank him for all the hard work he has put in over the last few years, we are looking for a volunteer to take on the role for next year the 2020 season. Final points and grading can be found on the BRCA web site under Stockcars documents  here :-   https://www.brca.org/stockcar-documents/1223-stock-cars-national-points-2019-p3-final-pdf

For a more in-depth look at the BRCA AGM please refer to the following link where you will find everything you need to know  https://www.brca.org/agm


Steve Wearing

Section Secretary