Stock Cars: How to get started


Stock cars are one of the earliest forms of radio controlled cars and their simplicity allows for a lot of home built input. They are quite different to other forms of RC cars available as there are no commercially available kits that can be purchased from model shops or the internet since Mardave stopped production many years ago.

However all is not lost; the parts (including the specialist parts) required to enable a fully competitive car to be built i.e. the chassis, suspension, axles, drive line, body, aero foils , wheels and tyres are all available to buy from the trackside vendors who are the backbone of this sport.

Some of the more standard parts such as batteries, motors, engines, speed controllers, chargers and the radio control components  such as the transmitter, servos etc can be easily sourced from model shops and the internet.
Advice is always on hand and there is no reason to have to buy uncompetitive parts as at track side you will get all the same parts available that the expert race winners are using.
Some of the vendors providing this service are:-

1/8th Stock Cars

PD Racing Spares   -  Paul Dexter     07791493284 based at Radio Stock Cars Leicester

46 Oval Spares       -  Simon Farrer     07968621022 based at Notts and Derby

Time 2 Race            -  Micky Betts     07828661871  based at SOMCC, Hastings

DBR Fabrications   -  Dick Batty      07966387562  based at NORA,  Keighley

M.M.R.D                  - Bob Mitchell     01903507211 based at Adur, Shoreham by sea

1/12th Stock Cars

MBR     – Matt Bennett     – 07853201706 –  races  at Rugby club
SKINT     – Ben Harding         – 07944360363 –  races at Rugby and Hathern clubs
WRD     – Rob Whalley        – 07900554802 –  races at Urmston Club

Buying a second hand Stock Car can be a good way to get started, often the contacts at the clubs will know of a suitable car for sale and sometimes the opportunity to buy all the associated kit to start and run the car will also be available. The internet can offer some seemingly attractive second hand buys but be very careful, some of the cars you will see on auction sites are old and outdated and will be unsuitable for racing and end up being a waste of your time and money.  Just ask one of the contacts above and they will do their best to advise you or better still, visit a local club meeting and ask around - we are a friendly section keen to attract new members.
You will need to Join the BRCA before you can start racing, This will give you public liability insurance

Useful Links :-

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