The BRCA and Stock Cars section AGM


A change of venue for the event this year, Main AGM starts at 9am all members are encouraged to attend. Section AGM follows at around 10am

Main AGM covers:-  

  1. Reports on the general working of the Association and its sections.
  2. Representation of the Association accounts.
  3. Election of Officers and Auditor
  4. Review and agree the annual membership fee.
  5. Discussion of any other business of which due notice has been given.
  6. Arrange a provisional date for the next AGM which shall in any event be held within thirty days of the provisional date.

The Stock Cars Section AGM will include:-

Chairman’s Report

Election of Officers

Trophies and Awards

Discussion and voting on new and rule changing proposals, split for the three classes of Stock Cars

All the details, Instructions and Proposal forms can be found on the BRCA website:-

Deadline for the Stock Cars proposals to be sent into

is 28th September 2017. They will then be uploaded onto the website for viewing

Look forward to seeing you all there