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1/8th Stock Cars

Welcome to the Stock Cars section, where we race 1/8th scale versions of full size Brisca F1 stock cars. Our scaled down cars use a welded steel chassis and painted plastic bodyshell, RC servos for steering and throttle control and are powered by 3.5cc nitro fuelled engines producing 2-3bhp which is delivered to the rear wheels via a belt driven single beam axle.  


The season runs from March to October with meetings held across the country (and in Holland) at purpose built tracks that are oval shaped, 30-40 meters in length with tarmac surfaces and steel plate barriers.Not only is contact legal but it is encouraged, as all cars have heavy duty front and rear steel bumpers which are used to move other cars off the racing line in an attempt to get past. Drivers are graded based on their skill level with better drivers starting races at the back of the grid.


The 1:12th Stock Car section had their second national round of 2016 hosted by the Rugby club. A good turnout of 40 drivers at the contact capital.  With 6 heats of 6 or 7 cars, meant the racing was fast and hard.  Matt Bennett set FTQ and also beat the track record to set 105 laps in 5 minutes.

The 1:12th Stock Car section had their first national round of 2016 hosted by the Hathern club. A good turnout of 48 racers put their winter rebuilds to use and produced some fast and entertaining racing on the carpet at the West End Club in Coalville.

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