BRCA Truggy + E8 Buggy 2016 end of reason report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

After a great 2016 season the Truggy and E8 Buggy Section would like to tell you all when happened during this season



Round one was on the 20th March at the great Astroturf venue called Deerdale Off Road

It was a busy meeting with entries being the highest they have been for around 3 years. This meeting we saw 90 drivers battle it out on the tough technical circuit at Deerdale.
With racing going into the evening and all finishing at quarter to six. We saw Lee Martin taking the win in the Truggy A final by a very impressive 2 laps on the rest of the field, Scott Walker came second and Nemo Racings Jon Hazlewood came in third with his Truggy. E-Buggy was a similar story with local guy Jonathan Skidmore coming in first place, Lee Martin who we saw win the Truggy final just before took second place. Oliver Curry came in third with his E-Buggy.
Thanks goes to Tony and Chaz at Deerdale that helped with the meeting by getting the track ready for us, and getting set up.

Round two of the championship we went all the way down south so one of my personal favourite venues which was Kent Model Car Club on the 24th of April
I arrived on the Saturday before the meeting to set up control and I was very impressed with the track layout, and all the work the team had done. With me being up in control during the meeting, you could see some of the drivers trying to get used to the track. In the end of the meeting, I got some really good feedback from all drivers, new and old to the circuit. In the end we saw Elliot Boots taking the win in the 30 minutes Truggy final a lap up on Jack Embling who came in second, Lewis Beach came in third after a good battle with Ashlee Owen who took forth.

The 12 minute E-Buggy A Final was a very good race to watch, with the top 4 drivers all finishing on the same lap within 20 seconds of each other. But Nemo Racing’s Darren Bloomfield took the win, with Lee Martin second with less than a second gap as they crossed the line for the final time. Jonathan Skidmore came in third twenty seconds behind the top two drivers; Jack Embling was forth again less than a second behind Jonathan. Some very close and exciting racing to be seen.

Well done to all drivers and massive thank to Matt Jessop and his team at KMRC for making it a very good smooth meeting.

Round three of the championship we went to the very popular club in Stevenage that goes by the name of Herts Nitro. Located on Westmill Farm.
The meeting ran well and everything went to plan apart from when the loop went sideways and we had to start a Truggy final again. But no great shakes.
The track at Herts nitro were fantastic with some really good technical sections across many different types of racing surfaces, The weather for that meeting was also very warm with the sun shining on us all day, I did pick the wrong day to wear jeans that’s for definite.

During the day we saw some very fast laps going in by some of the top drivers. In the end we Saw European champion Elliot Boots taking the win in the 30 minute Truggy A Final. By two whole laps I’ll add, very well done there. Second place was TLR driver Matt Lewis, and third place being taken by Tony Truman, and finally Jon Hazelwood came in 4th place, only 6 seconds behind. E-Buggy was very good to watch that kept you on the edge of your seat, Nemo Racings Darren Bloomfield took the win with his E-Buggy, and Lee Martin took second with just over a second behind Darren as they crossed the line for the final time. Jonathan Skidmore came in the third and Jack Embling came in forth.

Well done to all drivers that took part in the meeting and thank you for all the effort that Jim Thompson and team put in to get the track ready for us and making it such a great days racing.

Round Four was held on the 17th July at the Swansea club located within the Pembrey Racing Circuit.
This was a new venue that we went to this year, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The track was good and it flowed well. Not much marshalling needed throughout most of the races which was good.
These rounds entries were a little disappointing because we only had 48 drivers for this round.
But no matter we carried on as normal and with another smooth meeting,
Like I said before the track was good, the weather wasn’t, it was dry for the most part, and there was a down pour during one of the Truggy heats. Which I don’t think they minded too much with the amount of laugher coming from the rostrum during the race. Although in the end Darren Bloomfield from Nemo Racing took the win with E-Buggy, with Jonathan Skidmore coming in second place. Jack Embling in third after a long battle with Jonathan until the very end. Jamie Clancy came in forth driving his associated.

The last final of the day was the 30 minutes Truggy final which we saw Jack Embling taking the win, Simon Willetts came in second, very close for first and second, Jacks time was 43/30m 2.85 and Simon’s was 43/30m 3.09. Very close up to the 43rd and final time they went across the line. Tony Truman brought it home in third place.

Well done to all drivers that attended. And thanks goes out to Steve Guppy and the rest of the team for getting the track ready for us and welcoming myself and the rest of the team to the track
Round 5 were the fifth and the final round of the series, with everything coming down to the very end. This was held on the 14th August at Slough (Remote Control World)
The weather was great with the sun shining, track looked great as well
Numbers for this round was good; we had 58 entries, which was good for the final round.
The final rounds racing was close, most drivers having very good consistent laps.
As normal we started with 2 rounds of practice for E-Buggy and one round of practice for Truggy, then straight into 3 rounds of qualifying with the best two to count
Qualifying was close with most drivers having good consistent times throughout the qualifying process. By this point I knew that the finals were also going to be close and good to watch.

After 3 E-Buggy finals and 2 Truggy finals we saw Jack Embling taking the top spot in the 30 minute A Final, Darren Hayden-Ball came in second place, very well done there. Scott Walker was third, welcome to the series Scott where have you been?
E-Buggy was again a very close race, but I good clean race to be had by all. Nemo Racing’s Darren Bloomfield came in first, With European Champion Elliot Boots coming in second place with Jack Embling which we saw in previously in the Truggy race coming in third with only 1.4 seconds between the two drivers as they crossed the line for final time.

With this race being the end of the series, we handed out the trophies for the top 10 from each class
In ascending order

10. James Tatlow
9. Carl O’Connor
8. Michael Shorey
7. Darren Hayden-Ball
6. Elliot Boots
5. Matt Lewis
4. Scott Walker
3. Jon Hazelwood
2. Tony Truman
1. Jack Embling being the 2016 Truggy Champion


10. Lewis Jones

9. Simon Reeves

8. Lewis Beach

7. Mike Lewis

6. Jamie Clancy

5. Oliver Curry

4. Elliot Boots

3. Jack Embling

2. Jonathan Skidmore

1. Darren Bloomfield – E-Buggy 2016 Champion

Let’s not forget Josh Graham being awarded the Race Directors Award 2016

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has competed during this year’s series

It has been a great series this year with some great numbers at each meeting.

Well done to all winners of the series, I hope you all enjoy your trophies.

Special thanks to Matt Bridge and Daniel Austin with RacePaceRC for sponsoring the series and helping with the advertising for the series. You can really tell.

Thanks goes out to Chaz Blake and Tony Drabble at Deerdale Off Road where we started the series off this year!

Thanks also goes out to Matt Jessup and the team at Kent for making such a good effort to get everything ready for us, and of course helping with the meeting as well.

Thanks goes out to Jim Thompson and crew at Herts. Special mention to Steve Guppy that helped at Pembrey and hosting us for the first time.

Finally, Big thanks goes to Adrian, Steve Merry and Dianne Merry for all their effort in getting the venue ready at Slough for the final round of the series.

Got some big plans for the 2017 series, keep those eyes peeled and watch this space

As a personal note, I can’t tell you all enough how happy I am in how this year’s series has been, with the entry numbers and the best thing of all the standard of driving this year. This year has been the first year in over 3 years that I have had to look at the maximum numbers for a meeting, the first two rounds was very popular and had a reserve list as well. But everyone that wanted to race, did race no one was turned away.

In 2014 across all rounds we had 274 entries

2015 we had 289

And impressively in 2016 we had 371 entries

And with 70 of those drivers doing 3 or more rounds of the series

So for that, thank you everyone!

Until next time

Chris Jeffery – your Race Director, over and out until next year!

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