Round 1 Truggy Nationals At NDOR

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Very Important Information to be had here!

We are fully aware of the possibility for a practical alternative tire for use at the 1st National at NDOR, we have already been in close contact with the distributor for a number of weeks and now the UK delivery is very likely to arrive before our event we wish to make a statement to clarify the issue.

IF and ONLY IF these new tyres arrive and will be made available to purchase via retailers before the 10th March then we will be able to lift all of the restrictions we have had to put in place and we will revert to the normal tire rules as listed in our handbook. This will also allow the use of older astro/spiked tires as there will then be an alternative available for any drivers without. We would recommend anyone that requires or wants to purchase these new tires to be prepared with rims/inserts and order your tires, even if they are to be collected / purchased on race day.

To order these tyres from the first delivery you MUST be on the entry list for NDOR Truggy National. This is make sure there is enough to go around all the drivers that have entered the event a chance to get the tyres in plenty of time You can order by contacting Answer RC (01772 626777) or use the hidden link (to be supplied - your name must match the entry name on the drivers list) or have your preferred shop or stockist order them Answer RC for you giving your name as a reference.

Special NDOR entrants orders will remain open until the Thursday before the National when they will go on open sale. This gives everybody who does want a set time to order in advance and have them arrive in good time to get them glued up and ready

The team at Answer RC has a live copy of the drivers list so they know who has entered and who hasn't. Answer RC has moved Heaven and Earth to get these tyres made and ready in the short time frame they have had So thank you so much for all your effort.

So in simple terms, if Astronaut's arrive before the 10th, we will run any tire including Twisters & Grinders.
If they don't arrive we stick to dirt only tires.

We will make an announcement at 7pm on Friday 10th (or before) to confirm if we can go ahead with this change.

We understand that this will be a last minute deadline, but we feel that the drivers would rather run normal astro tires if at all possible.

Thank you drivers for your continued support.


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