Truggy + E8 Buggy 2017 Round 3 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

After the exciting smooth day at Herts Nitro. The Race Report is below


The 4th June 2017 saw the third round of the Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals at the popular club Herts Nitro just outside of Stevenage.


Running the same format as the previous rounds with Truggy's having a round of practice and then three rounds of quailfiying. Then E-Buggy's having 2 rounds of practice and three round of quaifying. 

Racing started at just after 9am. First out was the E-Buggy's. The lap times was avaraging ar around the 48 second mark. 

As the racing continued the lap times started to fall. With the computer running the meeting in automatic mode, the racing continued at a steady pace that the drivers and myself as the race director was comforatable with. The drivers started to learn to listen to the computer and entered the track when the computer counted down to the certain time. 

As we went into the quaifying part of the day. we saw the lap times falling again so much so we started to see times in the very low 40s. With the lap times falling we saw the competition getting fierce. The gaps between the drivers are getting very close. 

After the three rounds we saw Elliot Boot taking the TQ spot in Truggy, Jon Hazlewood qualified second overall and Simon Willetts qualified second overall.

In E-Buggy we saw Elliot Boots took the TQ spot. Local driver Jamie Clancy qualified second and Nemo Racing's Darren Bloomfield qualified third 


After a short break we started finals. 

After 7 finals. Three Truggys and four E-Buggys. 

During the intense competition and after the long final process, Elliot Boots won the Truggy A Final by two clean laps above TLR Driver Simon Willetts took second place. Another TLR Driver took third place after the 30 minute race. 

After the main Truggy final we moved straight into the E-Buggy Final. The E-Buggy was a fantastic and a very close race to watch, it was one of them where your on the edge of your seat sort of thing. After a fantastic battle for first and second Nemo Racing's Darren Bloomfield took the win with Associated' driver Jamie Clancy took second place with only 0.24 of a second and the two drivers crossed the line for the final time. After coming in forth in the E-Buggy B Final and starting 14th on the grid in the A Final. Milan Dragojlovic impressivly took third. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the brilliant team at Herts Nitro for all their effort in preparing the track and all their help that was needed throughout the meeting. 

Massive thanks goes to all the drivers for making it a great meeting. 

The link to all the photos that i took is below

For all the results from todays meeting and previous meetings as well as the upto date championship results. Please click the results button on the brca website and then select the Truggy Section then 2017. 

Thank you all again and i shall see you at the fourth round of the series being held at Pembrey track on the 23rd of July 

Chris Jeffery - Truggy Section Secretary 




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