Truggy + E8 Buggy 2017 Round 4 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Race report from the forth round of the 2017 Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals at the club in South Wales (Pembrey) 


On the 23rd July the team travelled to South Wales to the club within the area of the Pembrey Racing Circuit. The days racing was interesting to say the least, There was heavy rain during the night so the track was wet to start with. There was a few issues to start with, The clubs generator decided not to play ball to start with so I was late opening booking in. Steve Guppy lent us his generator so i could run the meeting. 

IMG 9853

The numbers for this meeting as a little disapointing with only 36 drivers turning up. During the booking in process the sun had come out, But as luck would have it during the drivers briefing it started to rain. The first few rounds of qualifying was wet but the track did dry out very quickly. Once the track had dried out the lap times were getting lower, and true to South Wales Fashion the rain came down again for the last round in qualifying. 

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How ever after the three rounds of qualifying we saw Darren Bloomfield TQ Electric Buggy. Team Associated driver Jamie Clancy was second overall, Finally Simon Reeves was third overall. Michael Lewis took TQ with his TLR Truggy, another TLR Driver Simon Willetts qualified second overall and Darren Hayden-Ball was second overall. 

With the weather turning during the lunch break there were a fair amount of drivers dropping out of their final. So we only had 3 finals 

The first final was the Truggy B Final which was an 18 minute race. After a good battle for the top 4 spots Wayne Davis took the win, Clive Mayland was second. Paul Stumpy Taylor was Third and finally Steven Brunsden was forth. These drivers got bumped up to the A Final

Second final up was the E-Buggy A Final. It was a 14 car race that lasted 12 minutes. After a great race to watch Nemo Racing's Darren Bloomfield took the win from his TQ spot on the grid. Another Nemo Racing driver Jonathan Skidmore took second place. Team Associated driver Jamie Clancy came in third place. Finally TLR Driver Jack Willetts came in forth place. Well done to all drivers! 

IMG 9917

The final race of the way was the 30 minute Truggy A Final a good long race which saw some very close racing with the top 4 drivers moving around during the race. 

However after 30 minutes of racing Michael Lewis took the win, Simon Willetts took second place, Third was Darren Hayden-Ball. Another assocatied driver Jon Howells took forth place 

IMG 0070

IMG 0072

I would like to thank all drivers for making the trip down to the track. Massive thanks goes to all of the guys that were involved in the club and for all their hard work getting the track ready for us and for helping to sweep the water off after it had rained 

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Myself and the rest of the team at the Truggy Section wish you all good luck with the RallyX Nationals in a few weeks time 

We will see you all at the final round which is being held at Slough on the 20th August. 

Thanks again everyone 

Chris J Truggy Section Secretary 


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