Truggy + E8 Buggy 2018 Race Report Round 5 + End Of Season Summary

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Darren Bloomfield takes overall win in E-Buggy and Jack Embling takes the overall win for Truggy, 
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Well what can i say about the 5th and final round of this years championship at Slough (Remote World Model Car Club)

The day started out as normal. With booking in from around 7:45 and closing at 8:30. Racing started at just after 9am. Racing started with 2 rounds of practice followed by 3 rounds of qualifying. One of the joys of the club at slough if that they have a RIDE scoreboard so I let the computer run in automatic mode. With only 4 heats a round the drivers asked if they could have a break between each round, We had plenty of time so that wasn't a problem. During the practice rounds and qualifying the feedback from the drivers about the track was really good. 

During the qualifying rounds we saw many drivers finding the track layout challenging but fun to drive. Qualifying finished around 1:30 in the afternoon. We saw Darren Bloomfield take the overall TQ with his electric Agama. Another Agama driver Jonathan Skidmore took second place overall and Sworks driver Kevin Brunsden took third place overall. In the Truggy Class we saw Jamie Clancy a driver for Associated take the TQ. Second place, another driver for associated Matt Lewis took second place overall. Third place was taken by Jack Embling. 

After I spend a good 20 minutes laying out all the trophies we started final around 2pm in the afternoon. With only 4 finals to run, we started with the 18 minute Truggy B. The win was taken by Part of the furniture to the series Carl O'Connor, Second palce was taken Darren Warburton. Michael Shorey took third place. and finially Robert Cockcroft took forth place. These drivers were promoted to the Truggy A Final which would be the last final to run. The next final on the line was the E-Buggy B Final. This final was a 15 minute final and we saw Carlo DeMarco a driver for Team Tekno take the win. Chris Lovell took second place. Scott Follington took third place and finally Jason Potter finished forth. These drivers were promoted to the A E-Buggy which was next on the line. After a short 15 minute break between the E-Buggy finals so we could let the electronics and such cool down before the drivers that bumped up went out again we started the E-Buggy A Final

IMG 6477

Like I said eariler it was time for the E-Buggy A Final, being the last E-Buggy final of the day and the last one of this years series. After a 15 minute intense battle during the whole race we saw Nemo Racing driver Darren Bloomfield take the overall win and TQ, Agama driver for Nemo Racing Jonathan Skidmore took second place and finially Mitchell Booth a driver for Tekno, took third place. 

IMG 6440

And finially the last final for the day was the Truggy A Final. This race ran for 30 minutes. After some interesting opening laps and the drivers swapping and changing possition frequently. There was battles going on all the way through this race, so many to remember and too many to list. This being a 30 minute race fuel stops were needed, And at some points we all thought that the race was going to be won or lost on these fuel stops with many of the top possitions coming into the pits at the same time for fuel. After 30 minutes we saw Jack Embling take the win after a lot of catching up to do from the start of the race. Matt Lewis took second place, Ashlee Owen finished in third place. Finially Jon Howells took forth place, Again of some great battles for position during the race. 

 IMG 6525

Series Summary

Well this year has been a different one for us. For the past few year we have followed the RallyX Section were we go to the same venues but go three weeks before. Many drivers race both of our championships. So with us going to the tracks they do, It give the drivers a great opportunity to practice on the track and of course extra track time. 

How ever this year we actually did something a little different. Because we thought it wouldn't be a good idea for the section to go to the Pembrey track because it has been the lowest turn out for us over the past few years. So we looked for another venue to go to. We chose Brookthorpe Model Car Club in Gloustershire to start our series off in early April. The response for this venue was fantastic. We had over 90 enteries for the single days racing. Which were the highest entry we had for the entire season, again this was also interesting in itself because of the track surface at Brookthorpe is Astro and many driver prefer to run on dirt surfaces. Because of the high numbers for this round I had to push the racing through as much as possible due to us running out of daylight. Racing started at 8:50am and finished at 7:40pm. 

IMG 6632

The second round of this years series we went to another new venue for this year which was North West Nitro (NWN) Which is up in Blackpool. The team at the track did a fantastic job in building a brilliant track in just over 4 months. The track was brilliant well looked after. and the feedback was fantastic from all the drivers that competed in that meeting. If you are every that was please visit the venue it is really good. 

The third round of this series we went to another new venue for this year called JC Raceway which Kevin from the RallyX Section also helps out with. This venue and location is brilliant. The layout was challenging but fun to drive. Racing was very tight amoung the top drivers. Really well looked after track and really friendly team at the track too. If you are ever near the track in Kiddiminster its worth popping in and saying hi. 

Forth round we returned to a favourite for a fair number of drivers. Being Herts Nitro in Ware just outside of Stevenage. This round for us is normally the highest attended for the series but for some reason this year it were our lowest. I believe the weather forecast for that weekend didn't help at all. How ever was had a very nice and relaxed days racing with the drivers that attended enjoying the track the team had prepared for us. 

Finially the last round of the series was of course Slough. Again another favourite for a lot of drivers of the series. Another brilliantly well prepared track and fantastic challenging layout. Steve Merry spent all day on the track on his roller. And boy doesn't he loves his roller! Another brilliant end to another great year of racing

The top 10 for both classes;

IMG 6454


1. Jack Embling

2. Jon Hazelwood

3. Matt Lewis

4. Jon Howells

5. Ashlee Owen

6. Jamie Clancy

7. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

8. Mick Butler

9. Simon Miller

10. Wes Jolly


1. Darren Bloomfield

2. Jonathan Skidmore 

3. Mike Lewis

4. Mitchell Booth

5. Michael Lightfoot 

6. William Skidmore

7. Kevin Brunsden 

8. David Gibson

9. Carlo DeMarco 

10. Josh Graham

IMG 6506

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every drivers that supported the series this year, Myself and James can organise meetings as much as we like but if you drivers don't turn up it wouldn't be the great series that it is. I would also like to thank all the clubs for hosting us this year and putting up with me. Because without you clubs with dedicated people helping we wouldn't have a series. So thank you again! 

Also I would like to thank all of the catering teams for keeping us all fed and watered throughout the series. You are the unsung heroes! 

If you want to race a series during the winter I run the AWS Series. Enteries for the AWS 2019 are now open, with the first round starting at Brookthorpe Model Car Club on the first weekend in October! 

Thats all from me 

All the best and see you all in future

Chris Jeffery - Truggy + E8 Buggy Section Secretary and Race Director! 


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