Truggy + E8 Buggy 2018 Round 1 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Click read more below to find out what happened at the first round of the BRCA Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals Series that took place at the new venue for this year, Brookthorpe Model Club


Well what can i say about the first round of this years series? I'm going to start with saying well done to the team at Brookthopre Model Car Club for supplying us with a fantastic venue to start our season off this year. 

The start of the day saw 90 drivers arrive at the venue. Which is one of the highest entries the section has had for many years. 

I asked a few drivers what they thought on the heats. Either 7 heats a round with 13 cars in each race, or 9 heats a round with 10 cars in each race. The general consensis was 9 heats. So this is what we did for the day 

We started off with 2 rounds of timed practice followed by 3 rounds of qualifying. During practice you could see the drivers finding the track difficult to start off with. The track was built on a slope and some jumps you jumped down hill and others you jumped up hill. There was a fair anount of crashing going on. How ever as the racing continued the lap times started to come down and the drivers were finding their rhythm. 

With time pushing on we waited no time starting the heats. By this time we had noticed that it was later than we expected. So to save some time we shorted the warm up times for each class by half. 

During the qualifying period we saw the faster drivers doing some very good laps and consistent laps as well. However because of the lovely weather gods we have been having recently. The sky started to rain and the track became slippy but it held up really well. 

At the end of the qualifying part of the day we saw Jon Howells take the TQ spot for Truggy and Mike Lewis take the TQ spot for E-Buggy 

With the time just past 4pm. We embarked on the 9 finals we had left to run. With time pushing on quickly and the rain starting and stopping we pressed on with finals 

Starting with the E-Buggy (E Final) 

This race ran for 15 minutes 

During this race there was a lot of competition for the top 4 spots that get promoted to the next final. 

Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took the win in this race after doing awful in qualfiying. Pano Vasilopoulos finished in second place. Local driver Stephen Blake took third and finally another local driver Criag Homer took forth place. 

The Truggy (D Final) was next on the line. This was an 18 minute final again with the top 4 bumping up to the next. 

Darren Crutchley took the win in this race, Darren being a regular driver to this series. Well, he's more like part of the furniture in all honesty, Dominic Powles took second place, A local driver Stephen Lockley took third place. and finally John Soundy took forth place. These drivers got promoted to the C Final Truggy. 

Again wasting no time at all we plowed straight into the E-Buggy D Final. Same as all the other Electric races this race was also 15 minutes in length 

Competition in this race was fierce. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss who we was win the previous electric final win that race too. Agama driver Mike Williams took second place after spending most of his day on his roof. Third place was taken by a South Coast RC driver Robert Woodrow, And finally Richard Whitefoot took forth place. Staying in the same format as the previous races these drivers were promoted to the next E-Buggy final. 

C Final Truggy was next on the line. Allan (Digger) Bridgeman took the win in this 18 minute final. Stoke driver Rob Woodward took second place. Truggy Section Chairman James Tatlow took third place and North West Nitro Chairman Andy Beaumount took forth place. 

With time running away with us and the sun coming out to say hello again we cracked on with the E-Buggy C Final. This race was won by a young driver for Nemo Racing Josh Graham. Second place was Chris Sharpe-Simkiss who we had seen the previous races. Darren Warburton finished in third place and coming in forth place taking the last bump up spot was Andrius Zilevicius

Right the B Final Truggy was next on the line with some good racing to be had and feirce competition too. Carl O'Connor who had a awful time during qualifying took the win. Second place was taken by TLR Driver Paul Abbott, Another TLR driver Chris Cox took third place and finally Simon Miller took forth place and the last bump up spot.

Time was now against us. The E-Buggy B Final started just after twenty five past six in the evening. The track was drying out because it had stopped raining long enough. Nemo Racing driver Jonathan Skidmore took the win. Another regular to the series Lloyd Pitt took second place. Tekno driver Michael Lightfoot tool third place, And that guy again. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took forth place to secure their places in the A Final. 

Now it was time for the two A finals of the day starting with the A Truggy Final. This race was a long 30 minutes with the compeition being immense. The top two driver were locked in battle for the whole 30 mintues of this race. Only splitting apart for fuel stops. The final line up came down to the last lap. However in the end we saw Jack Embling take the win, With Jon Howells taking second place. Nemo Racing driver Jon Hazlewood took third place and finally Ashlee Owen finishing forth place. 

The A E-Buggy final was the last one to go on the line at 19:20, So a fairly late one. This race was same as the other Electric Buggy Races in length which is 15 minutes. 

During this race the top drivers were very close to each other and the lap times were fast. But the weather gods didn't like us going fast so it decided to rain one last time during this final. However after 15 minutes we saw Darren Bloomfield take the win. Mike Lewis took second place, Jack Embling who we saw win the truggy final finish third, And finally Jonathan Skidmore who we saw win the B Final take forth place.

IMG 4451 

IMG 4446

I would like to say well done to the guys at Brookthorpe Model Car Club again for making us feel so welcome. Massive shout out goes to the catering team who was at the track all day long keeping us fed and watered. 

I would also like to say thanks to those drivers that helped volunteer marshal two of the finals early on. We couldn't have done it without you. I hope you all enjoyed the track and meeting. I will see you all at another new venue for this year. North West Nitro on the 20th May 2018. 

All results from the meeting can be find on the BRCA website at the link below and simply press Truggy + E8 Buggy. Then 2018

All photos that were taken are on facebook in the Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals group again at the link below. 

See you all

Chris Jeffery - Race Director and Section Secretary

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