Truggy + E8 Buggy 2018 Round 2 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

The exciting race report from the second round of the Truggy + E8 Buggy National Series 2018


Another new venue for the series this year, and what a fantastic venue and team it was at North West Nitro this weekend. 

After all drivers had booked in a drivers breifing was scheduled. I asked the drivers what they wanted to do in terms of how many rounds of practice they wanted to do. 

The vote between them all was two rounds. So with two rounds of practice and three round of qualifying before going into the finals as ahead of us. 

We had three heats of Truggy and surprisingly only two heats of E-Buggy. Practice rounds and qualifying progressed quickly. So myself and James made the decision to have a short break between the each round for a quick breather before progressing to the next round. 

The general consensis of the tracks layout was good. The track was a little more dusty than we thought to start with. However the track held up really well. 

After the two rounds of practice we cracked on with qualifying. After the three rounds of qualifying we saw Jack Embling take the TQ spot for Truggy and driver for Nemo Racing took TQ for E-Buggy

After a very short break we started finals.

I did the finals in a different running order to what i normally do. There were three Truggy Finals and two E-Buggy Finals. The Truggy C Final kicked off the show. It was an 18 minute race with 11 cars in the race. Andy Beaumont who is the chairman of the club took the win after getting a clean get away at the track and remained in the lead for the whole race. TLR Driver Wayne Davis took second place. Ian Slater a local driver to the club took third place. And Finally James Phelps took forth place with his electric truggy. 

The next race on the line was the (B) E-Buggy Final. Callum Niblett, A driver for Nemo Racing took the win with Darren Hayden-Ball taking second place. Series sponsor Matt Bridge with RacePace RC took third place, Another Nemo driver young Josh Graham took forth place. 

Directly following this final we went into the E-Buggy 'A' Final. Same with the B Final this race was 15 minutes in length. 

This race was really fast and quick paced. First place was taken by Darren Bloomfield who also TQ'd the meeting so he got top points for this weekends meeting. Second place was Jonathan Skidmore. I would like to point out the amazing sportmanship from Jonathan during this race, He was chasing the leader Darren within 0.48 of a second between them, They became tangled with another driver that was trying to let them past but made a mistake doing so. Jonathan got through but Darren was still be marshalled. Jonathan held back and waited for Darren to catch up, Furthermore he let him past to continue the race. Fantastic driving and Sportmanship from Jonathan there. Third place was taken by Mike Lewis. Forth place was Jonathan's brother William Skidmore.

Then it was the two last Truggy Finals starting with the B Final. This was also an 18 minute race. Darren Hayden-Ball took the win in this race with the man behind RC Bodies Mick Butler took second place. Another part of the furniture to the series Carl O'Connor take third place. Another local driver Chris Sharp-Simkiss took forth place. Same as all finals in this series the top 4 from each final were promoted to the next final up. The 30 minute A FInal was the final race of the day. Jack Embling took the win after a good battle with the rest of the drivers in this race. Matt Lewis took second place after an amazing battle with Jon Hazlewood who took third, with only a second between them in the end.  

 IMG 4965

IMG 4968

I would like to take this moment to thank the guys involved in the club for hosting us this weekend. Massive thanks to Andy Beaumont for all the effort during the day, Running around the track between races with his brush and blowr. He loves his blower. Thanks for Andy's Wife Liz for catering the event this weekend. 

All the photos from today's meeting have been uploaded to the Truggy section Facebook Group at the link below 

All results from today's meeting have been uploaded to the BRCA website under the Results second 

Simply go to Results - Truggy + E8 Buggy - 2018 


I will see you all soon and best of luck to everyone competing in the RallyX Nationals here in three weeks time here at North West Nitro. 

Our next round is at JC Raceway on the 1st July

All the best

Chris Jeffery - Race Director and Section Secretary 

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