Truggy + E8 Buggy 2018 Round 3 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Epic racing between top drivers this weekend at the third round of the Truggy + E8 Buggy Championship at a new club for this year JC Raceway


Well where shall I start? 

This weekend at JC Raceway has been fantastic. The track was really good with some great features within an impressive layout 

The day started off with drivers breifing as normal first thing. I asked the question to the drivers if they wanted two round of practice or just the one. They opted to have two. 

So thats exactly what we did. 

6 heats a round with two rounds of practice then followed by three rounds of qualfiying. 

Drivers enjoyed the layout with some drivers finding a really good pace from the get go. How the pitting was set up at the track races were being turned round quickly, With many races being turned round in under two minutes. Which made the day shorter for all. 

Qualifying finished at before half two in the afternoon. Top ten for each class overall are below 


1. Matt Lewis 

2. Jon Hazlewood 

3. Jamie Clancy 

4. Jon Howells

5. Ashlee Owen 

6. Jack Embling 

7. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

8.Mick Butler

9. Dave Bailey

10. Wes Jolly


1. Jonathan Skidmore

2. Darren Bloomfield

3. Mike Lewis 

4. Mitchell Booth

5. William Skidmore

6. Keith Robertson 

7. David Gibson

8. Kevin Brunsden

9. Dom Nunn 

10. Michael Lightfoot


Very well done to all drivers during the qualifying period. 

Soon after qualiftying had finished we went into finals. 

There were six finals all in all. 

The D Final E-Buggy was final was first up. This were a 9 car race with the normal format applying. 15 minute and the top four to bump up into the next final. 

During this final we saw Robert Beevers take the win. Someone who had only recently come to the 8th scene coming from Large Scale Off Road eariler on this year. Second palce was taken by Simon Davis, Another driver we see often at the Truggy + E-Buggy Series. Third place were taken by Paul Fyfe, a driver from Derbyshire. Forth place were taken by young driver Max Cook. These driver were promoted to the C Final. 

C Final Truggy was next on the line. After an 18 minute battle we saw Section Chairman James Tatlow take the win in this race after a great battle with second place who was Gary Gregory. Third place were taken by Ian Slater a driver from North West Nitro where were we held our second round of this years championship. Finally forth place were Stoke driver Steve Morgan. 

C Final E-Buggy went straight out after the Truggy Final. During this race we saw Jamie Clancy take the easy win after he had been having issues with his car during the day. Second place was taken by Jason Potter, Third place was Darren Warburton. And finally young driver for Nemo Racing Josh Graham finished in forth place. 

With finals continuing a good pace. We waisted no time going into the Truggy B Final, Another 18 minute race. A fantastic race to watch and a close one as well. The top four drivers all finished on the same lap so it came down to the very end. However first place was taken by Mark Morris, Second was Matt Cunnington, Third place Simon Miller. Finally forth was taken by young driver Kieran Morris. 

E-Buggy B Final came after the truggy final. During this final we saw Jamie Clancy take the win again after we saw him win the previous final. Second place was Carlo DeMarco after an amazing battle with Jamie. The man the legend behind RC Bodies Mick Butler took third place. Finally Jake Knight took forth place. 

The next final along was the second to last final of the day but the longest one at 30 minutes. The Truggy A Final. This race was great to watch, with some amazing battles during the race between Jon Hazlewood. Jack Embling. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss. However after 30 mintues of intense racing Jon Hazlewood took the win with his Agama Truggy.

Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took second place which i tell you he was really chuffed with. Third place was taken by Ashlee Owen. Finally Jon Howells took forth place. Well done to all there. 

The last race of the day was the E-Buggy A Final. Same as the Truggy final, The competition was brilliant. Battles for the top spots throughout the race. 

The top two drivers were locked in an epic battle. When the drivers crossed the line for the final time. Driver for Nemo Racing Jonathan Skidmore took the TQ and win. Another Nemo Racing driver Darren Bloomfield took second place. Mitchell Booth took third place who we hadn't see that this series in a while. Mike Lewis took forth place overall.


I would like to thank all drivers today for a fantastic meeting. Big thanks goes to the team at JC Raceway for putting up with me over the weekend. Especially to Kevin Griffin and Sue Griffin from the RallyX section for the help with marshalling for the finals. 

Big thanks to the team at JC Raceway for preparing a fantastic venue for us over the weekend. Thanks of course goes to the catering team for being with us on the Sunday. Even got the ice creams out which was fantastic. 

All photos from this weekends event are at the link below

All results from the meeting and the updated series can be found on the BRCA site under results 

Our next round of this series is on the last Sunday of July, Which is the 29th. 

Hope to see you all there

Until then! 

All the best 

Chris J 


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