Truggy + E8 Buggy 2018 Round 4 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Darren Bloomfield walks the win at the forth round of the 2018 series. 


Well what an eventful event at Herts Nitro this weekend. The weather gods wasn't playing ball with us this weekend, After all the hot weather we've had recently, and this weekend as get rain. 

The day started with the normal two rounds of practice. That was the plan anyways, After the first heat went out the rain started to fall. The track became very slippy for obvious reasons, As the round continued the amount of cars going out in each race was getting lower. Until the final heat of the round where no one actually went out on track. So we decided to pause the meeting for a while until we all decided on what to do. After roughly 45 minutes of down time the general consensus was to carry on. At this time we binned off the second round of practie and went out in to the three rounds of qualifying, The weather gods still wasn't playing ball with the rain coming and going. However we went through all the heats and then had a short break before we started finals. 

With a fair few drivers dropping out and not run their final. We ended up with only 3 finals. Two Truggy and a single E-Buggy final. 


Ten cars went out in the first final, Which was the Truggy B Final which ran for 18 minutes. 

It were an interesting final to watch in the sense that there were two drivers which you don't normally see not in the A Final. These were Jon Hazlewood and Jack Embling.

However as expected the two drivers drove really well. Jack Embling too the win the Jon Hazlewood in a strong second place. Third place was taken by a drive from North West Nitro at Blackpool, this being Chris Sharpe-Simkiss. Forth place was Steve Collinson. These drivers were bumped up (promoted) to the Truggy A Final. 

The second final of the day was the first and last E-Buggy final of the day. A 15 minute race which had a larger than normal amount of cars in it. Because of the odd amount E-Buggys we had, We had to have a 16 car main final. Which made the first few corners interesting lets say. How ever Nemo Racing driver Darren Bloomfield took the win. Another Nemo driver Jonathan Skidmore took second place. Tekno driver Mitchell Booth took third place and finally another Tekno driver Michael Lightfoot took forth place after a cracking battle with young driver Josh Graham. 

The last race of the day was the 30 minutes Truggy A Final. This race was a great one. 

First and second place having an epic battle. But more exciting to watch was third and forth. Swapping and changing possitions throughout the race, It even nearly came down to fuel stops in the end. 

However after 30 minutes of fantastic racing and around 3 people including myself keeping track of the drivers and leaders, we saw local driver Jamie Clancy taking the win, A young driver Lewis Jones finish second. Jon Hazlewood a driver for Nemo Racing and Agama take second place. And Jack Embling finishing forth place with only 0.43 of a second behind. 


Well done to all drivers that attended the meeting this weekend at Herts Nitro. Made it another easy one to run. I would like to thank you to the team that was at Herts Nitro helping out with marshalling and helping myself keep track of the cars during the finals. 

Thanks goes to the catering team for keeping us fed and watered as normal :) 

All the photos are on the Truggy + E8 Buggy facebook page. All the results are on the BRCA website already. 

I will see you all soon at the fifth and final round in 3 weeks time at Slough. This meeting also being the last one of the series there will be the trophy presentation afterwards. 

See you all then!

Truggy Section Secretary 

Chris Jeffery





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