Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals 2017 Dates And Venues

Truggy & E8 Buggy

The Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals team are proud to announce the 2017 National dates and Venues. 

This year we are going to a new venue called NDOR where we will be starting our series this year, Entries will open on the BRCA website on the 2nd of January 2017 at 9am



As normal we will be running 8th Truggy and 8th E-Buggy, If you have a E-Truggy you are more than welcome to enter! 


So here are the dates for 2017

Round 1 - March 12th @ NDOR

Round 2 - April 9th @ Kent

Round 3 - June 4th @ Herts

Round 4 - July 23rd @ Pembrey

Round 5 - August 20th @ Slough

Booking in for all rounds will open at 9am on January 2nd and booking in will close on the day of the event at 6am. If there are places you are able to turn up on the day but it is best to prebook to get a place. 

The days racing will consist of two rounds of times practice for E-Buggy and one round for Truggy. Practice rounds will be four minutes with a one minute rolling start

Followed by three rounds of qualfying with the best two to count. Truggys will have a two minutes warm up and five minute run, E-Buggys have a one minute rolling start and a six minute run

All E-Buggy finals are 12 minutes with four to bump up 

All Truggy finals from B Final downwards are 18 minutes and A Final is 30 minutes.

More information on the track locations can be found within the event themselves.

The rules for this year will be published on the BRCA site very soon. They will also be listed in the 2017 Truggy handbook, they will be available online and hard copies will be available on request and at the first round at NDOR 

We look forward to welcoming you all to the series at round 1. 

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] 



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