Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals Round 2 At Herts - Heres What Happened

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Jamie Clancy - Lee Martin - Elliot Boots battle it out for the top spot. Click read more to find out what happened



92 Drivers had booked in for the days event with many of them practicing on the Saturday. Setting cars up and so on 


However only 81 drivers managed to turn up which was still a really good turn out.


This round we went straight into qualifying with the best 3 to count out of the 4 rounds. The drivers at the last round gave us feedback stating it would be better and a shorter day without the round of practice. So we gave them a 5 minute bolt on to the first round. The track ran really well and the team at the track pulled it off yet again by giving us a great track to race on. Always feel welcome here at Herts Nitro 


We had 7 heats a round with 3 of them being Truggy’s and 4 of them being E-Buggy. Great turn out here as there always is. 


During the qualification process we saw many of the drivers putting in some really good laps at the get go. One being Chris Sharpe-Simkiss giving his Truggy The Full Send! 


Within the first round we saw some cracking racing and some consistent driving going in from many drivers including Jon Hazlewood, Jamie Clancy and Elliot Boots. Some parts of the first round there was only 3 seconds between the top 3 in this race. Lewis Jones had also put some really good laps in as well. 

 IMG 4846

Electric Buggy was similar with some of the faster drivers putting in some really good times and keeping the competition close. Some edge of your seat sort of racing. Some of the early E-Buggy drivers also putting in some good times and racing really well. 


Some really good driving and great driving standards too :). I barely had to shout at people to get out the way


Round 1 we saw Elliot Boots take TQ in round and Jamie Clancy take 2nd in round and Lewis Jones take 3rd in round. In E-Buggy we saw William Skidmore take TQ in round with his brother Jonathan take 2nd in round. Finally Jamie Hall took 3rd in round. 


In the second round of qualifying we saw Elliot Boots take TQ in this round. Jamie Clancy take second in round. And finally Lee Martin take third in round. So at this point in the meeting its Elliot Boots is holding the TQ spot with Jamie Clancy holding second on the grid. Lee Martin holding third overall at this point of the meeting. Still lots to play for in the next two rounds. In E-Buggy we saw Elliot Boots take TQ in round with Jonathan Skidmore second in round and William Skidmore third in round. So at this early stage of the meeting William Skidmore was holding TQ overall and Elliot Boots second overall and Jonathan Skidmore third over. Very close at the top at this point in the meeting. 

 IMG 4852

The third round of qualifying got underway just after noon. With the weather god being kind to us so far the track was drying out really well and the lap times were becoming more and more consistent. Some cracking driving by Jamie Clancy in this round who got TQ in round. Lee Martin was second in round and Elliot Boots was third in round. Which puts Elliot Boots in TQ overall at this point of the meeting with Jamie Clancy second overall and Lee Martin third overall. Some very good driving going in. In the E-Buggy class the top 3 changed around a lot in this round. The TQ spot in round was taken by Jonathan Skidmore and William Skidmore took second in round. Lewis Jones took third in round. So after round 3 the top 3 overall were Jonathan Skidmore, William Skidmore and Lewis Jones. 

 IMG 4865

The forth and final round of qualifying. Everything came down to this! Truggy was close in the end. However Jamie Clancy took TQ overall in round 4. Lee Martin was second in round with Elliot Boots third in round. With made: Jamie Clancy overall TQ. Elliot Boots second overall and Lee Martin third overall. 

In the E-Buggy class the racing was even closer. With 90% of the field finishing on the same lap. 

However we saw after a lot of close racing. Jonathan Skidmore take the TQ in round with Callum Niblett take second i round and finial William Skidmore third in round. So overall in E-Buggy. Jonathan Skidmore takes overall TQ will his brother William second overall and finally Lewis Jones third overall. Well done to all drivers.

IMG 4939

After a 15 minutes break we started finals. 8 finals to run, Starting with the E-Buggy (E) final. 7 cars in this race with the top 4 bumping up into the (D) final. Good relaxed race with some consistent racing and good lap times. After the race which lasted 15 minutes we saw Miklos Szabados take the win with Trevor Follington in second place, Kevin Martindale came in third place and finally Darren Keeble came in forth place. As mentioned before these drivers were promoted to the (D) Final. Well done to you all. Very nice job! 

Next race to hit the track was the Truggy ( C ) Final. This race was a right giggle with the usual truggy shenanigans going on especially in the first corner. Lets say a bit of slowing down. I’ll leave it at that. But in the end we saw Ben Kennet a new driver to series take the win with Adrian Svensson second place, Nick Simmerson in third place and final the birthday boy himself Andy Beaumont in forth place. Well done everyone. And of course happy 50th birthday to you Andy :) 

Same as the E-buggy finals the top four were promoted to the next Final. 

IMG 5181

The next final on the line was the E-Buggy (D) Final. This race lasted for 15 minutes like all the others and had 14 cars init. With the top 4 to bump up. This race was a hard one. Not going to lie. The driving was a bit scrappy but in the end we saw Scott Follington take the win with Daniel Thurston in second place. Kevin Martindale in third and Miklos Szabados in forth place. Well done to you. The next E-Buggy was on next so the drivers that bumped went straight out in to the next final which was the ( C) final. Another 15 minutes with 14 cars. This race was better as the driving standards were starting to improve and becoming more consistent. The racing in the top 4 was close. roughly 10 seconds separated them all at one point in the race which is good to see. However after all the controlled chaos we saw David Gibson take the win with Young driver Ewan Tumilty in second place, Daniel Austin in third place and finally Chris Sharpe-Simkiss in forth place. 

 IMG 5264

Second to last Truggy final was next on the agenda. 18 minute final. Some fantastic driving in this race. The top 3 locked in a battle for the vast majority of the race. But sadly Charlie Locke at the end flamed out which allowed Freddie Thompson take the win with Reuben Shakespeare second place who drove brilliantly throughout the whole race. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss take third place after a bit of faffing about at the start of the race. James Baxter who is new to the series this year take forth place. Like all the other finals these drivers were promoted to the A Final which is a 30 minute final. A test of man and machine! 

 IMG 5231

The second to last E-Buggy race was out next which was the (B) Final Freddie Thompson who we saw win the (E) Final was in this race. He did really well but didn’t quite manage to get where he wanted to be but he drove like a champ. Well done Freddie. In the end we saw young driver and new to the series this year, Ben Smith take first place after driving very very well throughout the race. Mike Lewis came in second place. Karl Jackson was third and finally Edward Callan came in forth place. Well done to all


The next race to hit the track was the final Truggy of the meeting today which was the (A) Final. This race had 14 cars like normal and lasted for 30 minutes, And what a great race i was the driving etiquette was fantastic which showed throughout the race. But after 30 minutes Lee Martin took the win. Jamie Clancy was second place. Elliot Boots took third place and Lewis Jones took forth place. Very well done to all drivers. Very good race. You all should be proud on how you all performed throughout. 

 IMG 5443

(A) E-Buggy was the next and last final for the day. This race like all the others had 14 cars in it and ran for 15 minutes. The top 3 in this race was gone with the get go. Like the previous Truggy final the driving etiquette was fantastic. Well done to you all for making it a great race. But the final result was Jonathan Skidmore in first place. William Skidmore in second place. Elliot Boots in third place and finally Tommy Hall came in forth place. Fantastic race every one. Very well done 


 IMG 5446

I would like to thank all drivers for attending the meeting and making it a great event. Also thank you to all for following the covid measures. I know we are all fed up with them but it’s good see people following the rules. 


I would also like to say big thank you to the team at Herts for all their hard work that they put in to looking after the track and always making the team feel welcome. Big thanks to the catering team who looked after us all through the weekend. Very nice food as always. My burger was amazing. Felt so fat afterwards but it was good. 


We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Hopefully at the next round at Kent


Thank you again 

Chris Jeffery