Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals Round 2 Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

First meeting of the 2021 Series but the second round? Joys of covid and having to move meetings about! But this meeting was dominated by the Skidmore brothers! 


The first meeting of the 2021 series started off with the planned round 2 of the series. The series kicked off at the northern track at North West Nitro just outside blackpool. 


The track was open all day for Saturday for practice and many drivers taking the opportunity to get some track time in before the event. The meeting itself started at 9am on the Sunday morning with a round of practice. Then was followed by 4 rounds of qualifying with the best 3 to count. 

The track was very fast flowing with some nice air time and technical aspects. 

Truggy 3

Elliot boots dominated the Truggy class which took the TQ of the meeting. Jamie Clancy took second place overall and Lewis Jones took third place overall. The fight was on for the TQ spot in the E-Buggy class between Elliot Boots. Jonathan Skidmore and Williams Skidmore. No much time seporated these drivers during the qualifying period

Jonathan Skidmore took the TQ in the end with Elliot in second place overall and Jonathan's brother William took third place overall 

E Buggy 2 

We finished qualifying around 3pm a little later than planned. But soon after we cracked on with the finals. First final on the line was the D-Final E-Buggy. There were 15 cars in this race which lasted 15 minutes. Top 4 would then bump up in the C-Final. These drivers were Paul Crawford, Paul Tapsell, Simon Huspeth and Guy Hayward. The next final to hit the track was the Truggy C-Final. There were nly 7 cars in this race and like the other final the top 4 would also be bumped up into the B-Final. These drivers were Matt Skinner, Alan Paver who was racing an Electric Truggy, Winston Barnett was third and finially Simon Cox came in forth place. 

 Truggy 2

After we had finished the C-Final Truggy we started the C-Final E-Buggy. This race had 14 cars init and also lasted for 15 minutes. This race was good to watch. Lots of battles going on for position. However in the end we saw Karl Jackson take the win. Ben Simpson took second place and Lee Fraser took third place. Last but not least Matt Box came in 4th place. The Truggy B-Final was next on the track. This was an 18 minute race and also had 14 cars in it. Mr Tekno himself Matt Bridge took the win in this race with his electric Truggy. Reuben Shakespeare finished in second place, Chaz Godwin finished in third place and young driver Zak Edwards came in forth place. 

E buggy 1 

Next race on the line was the second to last E-Buggy race of the day. This being the B Final. Another 15 minute race with 14 cars. The winner of this race was Jamie Hall who is new to the series this year with Callum Niblett came in second place. William Callan came in third place and Jamie's brother Tommy Hall came in forth place. 

With time pressing on we went straight into the 30 minute Truggy A Final. Another 14 car race. And it all come down to this race. The compeititon during this race was fierce! How ever after the long race we saw Elliot Boots take the win with Jamie Clancy come in second place and Lewis Jones came in third place. Well done to all drivers in this race and well done to all the Truggy drivers through the meeting. It was nice to see so many out there. 

Truggy 1

The last race of the day was the 15 minute E-Buggy A Final. This race was intense. Everyone who was watching was on the edge of their seat. Jonathan & William Skidmore were locked in a battle for the top spot. They swapped positions throughout the race. Some of the overtaking was so close. All you had to do is listen to the intake of breath to all that were watching to know how close the racing was. But in the end we saw William Skidmore took the win with only 6 seconds ahead of this brother Jonathan who came in second. Elliot Boots who won the Truggy class came in second place. Well done to everyone who attended this meeting. It was nice to see so many of you again and we hope to see you all again at the next one which is the popular Herts Model Car Club 

 Truggy 4

I would also like to thank everyone at the club who put all the hard work into getting the track to a good standard for us to race on. Also big shout out to Liz who cooked for us all throughout the weekend. 

All the results are up to date on the BRCA website. Click here to view them. Also all the photos including the podium ones are on our facebook page. Click here to visit our page


E Buggy A Final

Above E-Buggy A Final. 1st William Skidmore, 2nd Jonathan Skidmore, 3rd Elliot Boots

Truggy A Final

Above Truggy A Final. 1st Elliot Boots, 2nd Jamie Clancy, 3rd Lewis Jones.