Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals Round 5 - The Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Fifth round of this years series. At a brand new venue. Dominated by Lee Martin. Click read more to find out what happened 



Nemo raceway! What a venue and team that run it!


Well what can I say about this round of the series. Saturday’s practice went alright with a few issues with it raining on and off. But the people that did practice had a good time. 

During the night one of the heaviest rain storms and the loudest thunder I have heard rolled over us around midnight. So Sunday morning saw an awful lot of water sat on the track. But credit the fantastic team at Nemo Raceway set to work clearing the track with sponges. Pumps, Shop vacs and so on. After an hour the track was ready to race on. All be it a little bit slippy to start with. The cars that went out for the round of timed practice were a little on the mucky side to say the least. But the drivers did have good fun power sliding and drifting around the circuit. 

 IMG 5997

But after the round of timed practice we had 4 rounds of qualifying. At the end of the first round we saw Lee Martin take the overall TQ at this early stage of the meeting. Jon Hazlewood came in second overall and Darren Hayden-Ball came in third overall in the Truggy class. In the electric class we saw Kevin Brunsden take the TQ in round with Lee Martin in second place. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss took third place in round. Well done to all. During this round of qualifying you could tell that the track was starting to dry out as the cars weren’t coming off the track as dirty and the lap times started to fall. In the second round of qualifying we saw Lee Martin TQ again in this round but with Darren Hayden-Ball in second place, Third place in round of taken by Matt Bridge with his Electric Truggy. So with 2 rounds counting so far Lee Martin taking overall TQ with Darren Hayden-Ball second overall, and finally Jon Hazlewood take third place overall. With the track continuing the dry out we saw the lap times falling a little more making the competition closer.  We saw a best time of 52 seconds in the first round compared to 47 second in the second round. Which goes to show how well the track was drying out. In the E-Buggy class we saw the Kevin Brunsden take TQ in this round with Lewis Jones in second place. Lee Martin third in round. So after 3 rounds Kevin Brunsden is sat in the overall TQ spot with Lee Martin second place and Lewis Jones third place. Lap time had fallen very similarly as the lap times from the Truggy Class. 


We even had a visit from Mystery Inc themselves with the Mystery Machine. 

IMG 6306

The third round of qualifying started shortly after a small break between the heats. In this round we all saw the lap times come down further with the fastest lap by a Truggy was a 45.8seconds which was an improvement from the pervious round. But in Truggy we saw Lee Martin take TQ in round with Dylan Saunders in second. And finally Freddie Thompson third in round. So at this stage of the meeting Lee Martin was holding overall TQ with Freddie Thompson second overall. Darren Hayden-Ball in third place overall. Very well done to you all. The story was similar within the E-Buggy class with lap times reflecting the drier track conditions. But Lee Martin took the TQ in this round as well with Lewis Jones second in round. Finally Kevin Brunsden came in third in round. Which makes Kevin Brunsden take TQ overall at this stage of the meeting. Lee Martin was second overall and Lewis Jones in third overall. 


Then we started the final round of the day. The track was drying out nicely and the weather gods were being nice to us for a change. In the Truggy class. Lee Martin took TQ in round with Jon Hazlewood in second place. Dylan Saunders took third place in round. Which made Lee Martin take overall TQ with Jon Hazlewood in second place overall. And Freddie Thompson third overall after 4 rounds. Within the E-Buggy class Lee Martin took TQ again in this round. Freddie Thompson taking second in round. Mitchell Booth took third in round. So overall top 3 were; Lee Martin in TQ, Kevin Brunsden in second and Lewis Jones in third overall. 

IMG 6005 


Next up on the agenda is finals. 

We started with the E-Buggy C Final which lasted for 15 minutes and contained 16 cars. A few more than we would like but some things can’t be helped. Some good racing going on in this race with a bit of slowing down in the first corner as normal. But David Gibson took the win with Paul Tapsell in second place. Paul Crawford took third place and finally. Matt Box took forth place. Well done to all. Very nice laps and racing throughout. These 4 drivers were promoted to the B Final. 

The next race to hit the track was the Truggy B Final. This final ran for 18 minutes and contained 14 cars with the top 4 to be promoted to the next final up just like the previous race. This was a good race with many battles going on. Second place to fifth place all finished on the same lap which goes to show how close the racing was. However Ben Kennett took the win. Zak Edwards was second place, Adrain Svensson was third place and James Baxter also know was Cheri took forth place. As mentioned before these drivers were promoted to the A Final Truggy. 

 IMG 6366

After we sorted out the marshals for the next race after there was a bit of a faff we started the E-Buggy B Final. This was another 15 minutes race with the top 4 being promoted. Mike Lewis got away clean at the start of the race and remained in the lead throughout. A lap down being him was Matthew Perry who came in second place. Young driver Ben Simpson came in third place after starting seventh on the grid. David Gibson who we saw win the previous E-Buggy race come in forth place. 


Next up was the last Truggy final of the day which of course was the A Final. This race also contained 14 cars but lasted for 30 minutes this time. This race was good and clean for the most part anyways. Lee Martin who TQ’d the meeting got away clean and stormed ahead throughout the whole race. He ended up taking the win with Dylan Saunders in second place. Darren Hayden-Ball came in third place. Freddie Thompson from PBM Racing came in forth place. Very well done to you all and congratulations to the winners of this race. 

 IMG 6400

The next final was the final race of the meeting which was the E-Buggy A Final. This race was also 15 minutes in length and had 14 drivers. All battling it out for the top spots. The racing was close but it was also clean with minimal contact throughout the race. The top 2 drivers were between 0.5 and 1.88 seconds apart throughout the whole race which was fantastic. But in the end we saw Lee Martin take the win with Kevin Brunsden in second place with only 0.4 of a second between them as they crossed the line for the final time. Really well done to you both. This place was taken by Mike Lewis who we saw take the win in the B Final. Mitchell Booth took forth place after coming out of nowhere. 

Well done to you all and thank you for the fantastic driving standards in this race. 

 IMG 6403

I would like to thank everyone at Nemo Raceway for all their hard work and support throughout the weekend. Having a quieter PA system did make things a little more challenging but we managed it in the end. I would like to also thank the catering team for making some fantastic food and a really good selection of food for us all. And finally I would like to thank every driver for attending this weekend. After the wet and dirty start we had I can safely say we all had a great meeting. 


All the results have been uploaded to the website and the photos from todays been meeting have been uploaded to our facebook page which includes the podium photos 


See you all the next round which will be the final round this time at Kent!!


Chris Jeffery 

Race Control