Truggy Nationals Tyres - The Final Decision

Truggy & E8 Buggy

The Final Decision on this Truggy Astro Problem


After much, much feedback and comments from YOU the drivers we have taken the option to lift the restriction of making the truggy class run a control tyre and open it up to allow the use of any commercially available dirt specific tyre.
Below I have provided a list of the majority of the tyres we feel are acceptable, if you wish to run something not listed please feel free to contact the committee for clarification BEFORE the event weekend to avoid disputes on the day :)

This will be our last and final change for this situation and we hope this helps the drivers to have as good a race as is possible on the day.

Tyres ALLOWED for RD1
Pro-Line: Holeshot, Blockade, Badlands.
AKA: I-Beams, Cityblock, Gridiron, Impact.
BETA: V-Max, Cubez.
JConcepts: Hybrids, Chasers.
LOSI: Cubic, Digit, Eclipse, Grip, Kingpin, Reptile, XTT.
JAMES: Pentangle.
Remember our current rules also forbids the cutting and shutting or 'low profile' fitting of any tyres.

Tyres NOT to be used for RD1
Fasttrax - Twisters
ATM - Grinders
HPI - Shredder, Flux
Pro-Line - Maxx Mulcher
LRP - Harikari :(


We will have some James tyres for sale at the track for those drivers that have struggling to find some tyres to use. 

any questions please email me at [email protected] or james at [email protected]


Thank You everyone

Chris J - Truggy Section Secetary 

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