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The 2020 National championship details are below.

The championship will be contested over 5 outdoor rounds on tarmac, attending many of the best outdoor tracks in the UK.


3 May Eastbourne 
31 May Cotswolds
5 July Halifax
9 August Bedworth
6 September   Colchester



13.5 Blinky Touring
13.5t motors.
‘Blinky’ ESCs (no boost or turbo).

Modified Touring
Any BRCA approved motor.
‘Open’ ESCs (boost and turbo are allowed).

General Rules

Tyre situation to be decided following MB Models statement. Max 2 sets per meeting.
Shimizu XG-RAIN pre-glued wet tyres. Max 2 sets per meeting.
Maximum lipo voltage of 8.40v. Lipos must be charged and discharged in closed lipo sacks. Charging must be balanced, and at no more than the maximum charge rate advised by the manufacturer.
Motors, lipos and bodyshells must be on the relevant BRCA approved lists.
Full 2020 rules are here and Motor/Lipo lists are here.

Meeting Format

Optional practice on Saturday in heats.
1 round of timed practice on Sunday morning, in heats.
4 rounds of Round-By-Round qualifying. Your best 2 round positions are added together to give your overall qualifying position.
2 rounds of finals, with trophies for the top 3 overall in each final, plus TQ and top juniors.

Championship Points

Each final counts as a separate championship score, with the A-final winner receiving 150 points, second 149 etc.

This gives 10 scores in total, with 6 to count (i.e. you must do at least 3 meetings to qualify for championship trophies).

Entry Details

£20 entry fee. Additional £10 for Saturday practice (paid in cash to the club).

Half price for all juniors! (16 or under on the meeting date). Please use the Under-13 or Under-17 button when entering to receive your discount. Juniors must book each event separately to receive a discount for each one.

Booking closes at 12 noon the Sunday before the event. At this time the number of finals will be fixed, and booking will reopen to fill any remaining spaces (e.g. 56 cars gives 6 finals, and there will be 4 spaces remaining).

Reserve Lists

We don't use reserve lists.

Start checking this page a couple of weeks before the event; this is when people start cancelling and spaces become available. We've had 10+ people cancel before, so there's usually a good chance of getting in.


You can cancel your entry here on the BRCA website until 7 days before the meeting. Click on the event below and you should have a Cancel option.

In the week before the meeting, please email to cancel your entry.

If you cancel with at least 7 days notice, you are entitled to a 70% refund. This is a manual process, please email to request a refund, stating which meeting(s) were cancelled.

10thORELogo 0

The BRCA 10th Off-Road Section are pleased to announce the Calendar for the 2020 season.

The BRCA Nationals have earned a reputation for being a hugely competitive series with the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere you will find.  This is a series of events, open to drivers of all abilities, that offers the opportunity to race against and learn from some of the country’s best drivers.

Racing will be run over two days; Saturday and Sunday.  With 2 Wheel Drive on the Saturday and 4WD on the Sunday. 

Race Calendar:

  • Round 1 -    18th./19th April 2020 - Kidderminster
  • Round 2 -    16th./17th May 2020 - Telford
  • Round 3 -    13th./14th.   June 2020 - Stotfold
  • Round 4 -    18th./19th July 2020 - Southport
  • Round 5 -    08th./09th.   August 2020 - TORCH
  • Round 6 -    22nd./23rd August 2020 - Robin Hood Raceway (Astro).

How To Enter:

  • Complete the online booking.  Payment can be either; via. PayPal - Credit/Debit Card, or Bank Transfer.
  • Complete the 2020 Entry Form and post or email it to the following address.
             Payment can be Bank Transfer only.
    Bank transfer to:  Bank  --           HSBC
                                Acc. Name  --  BRCA 1/10th. Off-Road
                                Account #  --    62019914
                                Sort Code  --   40-13-15
                                Reference with full name & NAT20

    Paper entry form: 2020 National Entry Form
  • Your entry and payment must arrive no later than the 11th. March 2020.
  • Under 16 please ignore payment value in event booking page, and ignore payment request.

Conditions of Entry – Please Read Carefully!

Entries will only be accepted on the official BRCA Entry Form or Website Entry System. (Photocopies or scans are acceptable)

   Please note that the following are NOT acceptable:-

  • Entries without the appropriate fees:-  These will be totally disregarded.
    If you pay by Bank Transfer, then your entry arrival date will be recorded as the date when the money is transferred into the BRCA Account.
  • Entries from drivers who are NOT registered as BRCA members on the 11th. March 2020 will be returned.  This includes any driver, who for whatever reason has not renewed their licence and is not included on the BRCA membership register by the 11th. March 2020.
  • Refunds will not be given for any Confirmed Entries that are cancelled, other than for exceptional circumstances.
  • A full refund will be given, if all events entered are cancelled within four weeks of Closing date.
  • Reserves not gaining an entry(s) will be refunded in Sept.
  • Be aware that :- Digital images may be taken by a third party that may be used to promote the Sport or Events.
  • Confirmation of entry for all events will be emailed en-bloc by 16th. March 2020


  • Entries received by ‘Closing date’, will be awarded places at each event as detailed Rule 5.4 (Min. 4 events per. Class has precedence over less than 4 events). Those not successful in gaining a place at an event will be placed on the National Reserve List. Order of places on the National Reserve List at each event will follow the procedure as detailed in Rule 5.4. Entries having the same priority (licence grade) will be awarded in order of date received.
  • Entries received after the 6th. March 2019, will be deemed as LATE ENTRIES and added to the National Reserve List after any ‘in time’ Reserve entries. Late entries will be awarded places in the order of date received.

Control Tyres:

The 2020 National Championship permits only two types of tyre for the rear axle at each event.  Compound and quantity used is not restricted.  Front tyres are a free choice.

The permitted REAR tyres for 2020 BRCA Off-Road National Championship events are :-

  • Kidderminster, Stotfold, RHR (Astro)  --  Schumacher Mini-DART or  Ballistic Buggy Mini-Spike.
    Telford, Southport                               --  Schumacher Mini-DART  or  Proline Pyramid.
    TORCH                                               --  Ballistic Buggy Mini-Spike or  Proline Pyramid.

Rules: 2020 1/10 Off-Road Rules v1


BRCA 10th Off Road Nationals

UK 1/10th Off Road Truck Nationals. The ONLY series dedicated to 1/10 RC Short Course Truck Racing and stadium trucks racing in the UK covering both 2wd and 4wd classes. This series affords its racers with unrivalled value for money in terms of track time with no less than 7 races through the day, 4 rounds of qualifying and 3 rounds of finals for all.

The Series takes place on some of the best UK Off Road race venues. The series caters for all abilities and age groups and with many new Junior racers planning to join us this year this trend looks to continue. With increasing popularity and a great bunch of travelling racers there is no better time to come and join in the fun!

Short Course RC Racing is as competitive as you want it to be but the emphasis is about having fun. We are seeing more families join us as each season passes making it a great way to spend weekends away! Make "racing widows" a phrase of the past and bring the partners / wives / husbands along for the fun!


Race Calendar 2020

Round 1 - 26th April 2020 - Telford Model Car Club

Round 2 - 31st May 2020 - Boughton Raceway

Round 3 - 28th June 2020 - A1 Racing Club

Round 4 - 12th July 2020 - Ledbury Model Car Club

Round 5 - 18th August 2020 - Eden Park Raceway 

Round 6 - 13th September 2020 - Coventry Model Car Club

How to enter an event. 

Simply log into your account. 

Click enter on the event you wish to enter

Then fill out your information the Registration Form asks for. 

Click Process Registration. 

Pay via PayPal 

You're done

BRCA 1/10th IC Circuit RC Car Racing







This year’s championship will be contested over 6 rounds at purpose built circuits with each driver’s best 5 points scores counting towards there final championship position. Back by popular demand is the two day British Open meeting which is run jointly with the 1/8th section and for 2020 will be non scoring event. 


Calendar dates:

To Be Confirmed


Race Classes:

This year the two race classes of 200mm, 220mm. With GT8 Nitro and GT8 Electric.


Race Fee:

The race fee is £20 per event per class.



Open practice with booking in at 1pm



Heat practice session (track dependent) followed by four round of 5 minute FTD qualifying and A-Z finals for all competitors. British Open / GP format will differ from this.

truggy copy

The BRCA Truggy Section are pleased to announce the changes for the 2020 series

The championships will be contested over 5 outdoor rounds on off road surfaces, with each driver’s best 3 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. During the season we will visit several of the established venues, but also a couple of new ones. The venues have been chosen based on their geographic spread, the level of their track and facilities, their previous track record of hosting similar events and of course the feedback we have received from our competitors from last year.


Round 1 - 5th April 2020 @ Herts Nitro

Round 2 - 10th May 2020 @ North West Nitro

Round 3 - 21st June 2020 @ Kent Model Car Club (KMRC)

Round 4 - 19th July 2020 @ Brookethorpe Model Car Club

Round 5 - 23rd August 2020 @ Slough


Truggy 1/8th Nitro

Truggy 1/8th Electric

E8 Buggy

Meeting Format And Race Times

The track will be open for practice for those drivers that have pre-booked only.

The timings for the track opening will be up to the club, Their also may be a charge (again this is depending on each club)



1x Rounds of timed practice in heats for both classes. However the committee can drop the round of practice if larger numbers attending or bad weather ext 

4x Rounds of qualifying with the best 3 to count

Qualifying times for E-Buggy is 6 minutes will a 1 minute rolling start

Qualifying times for Truggy is 5 minute heats with a 2 minute warm up

All finals for E-Buggy will be 15 minutes in multiples of 10 with 4 to bump up

For Truggy Finals B and downwards are 18 minutes with the A Final being 30 minutes - All finals will again be in multiples of the 10 with the top four to bump up


Entry Details

£15 entry fee for each entry, There will be no discount for double class entry 

Booking closes at 10pm on the Friday before the event

Entries will open in the new year. Please note that payment for the entries will be taken at the same time as the booking


Entry Instructions

To enter simple make sure you are logged in to your account. Add the events you wish to enter in to your basket. Then simple pay for them at the end. 

When adding events please make sure you add the correct event with the correct class you wish to enter.


The championships will be contested over 5 outdoor rounds on off road surfaces, with each driver’s best 4 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. During the season we will visit several of the established venues, but also a new one in Brookthorpe Model Car Club who for 2020 will be transforming their existing track into a brand new dirt track. The venues have been chosen based on their geographic spread, the level of their track and facilities, their previous track record of hosting similar events and of course the feedback we have received from our competitors from last year.


  1. 30th and 31st May - Blackpool NWN (North West Nitro).
  2. 27th and 28th June 2020 - Herts Nitro Model Car Club.
  3. 11th and 12th July - East Shrewsbury Buggy Racing Club (ESBRC).
  4. 15th and 16th August - Brookthorpe Model Car Club (DIRT Track)
  5. 19th And 20th September - Slough (Remote World Model Car Club).


Buggy 1/8 Nitro

Meeting Format


  • 2 x Timed practice in heat order
  • 4 x Round by Round Qualifying


  • 1 x Round by Round Qualifying
  • Best 3 rounds from 5 to count for final seeding
  • 1x Finals with Bump Up's for top 4

Booking in will open for all events on Saturday 4th January at 9am.

Please note: The following events will be capped at 126 entries. The events are showing 200 spaces to allow for reserves.

When enterting these events please make sure you fill out all the information correctly and if you are entering all events please make sure you click the correct discount setting at the bottom of the registration form to get the correct price.

If you are Junior again please ensure that you select the correct discount setting on the registration form.

To enter 1 event click 'Enter' and then complete your details. To enter multiple events click 'Enter' for your first event and then 'Add more events'. Once you have added all the events you would like to enter 'Go to checkout' and complete your entry details.


The 2020 season will see driver/mechanic headsets used for the first time. Please read the following carefully regarding the rules regarding headset specification:

The use of EU/UK approved DECT5 technology headsets operating in the OPCOM approved frequency range of 1880 to 1900 MHZ only are permitted for the purpose of communication between driver and mechanic. The use of mobile phones is not permitted.


The BRCA LSOR Section are pleased to announced its calendar of events for its 2020 National championship.

The championships will be contested over 8 rounds across Astroturf and dirt tracks, with each driver’s best 5 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. During the season we will be visiting several of our established venues along with some of our newer ones too whilst covering the North, South, East and West of the UK.

Due to the popularity of our series in 2020 we will be once again running one of our three qualification rounds on Saturday afternoon.

Calendar Dates

March 28/29th                 LSOR National Round 1        Nene Valley Raceway, Northamptonshire

April 25/26th                    LSOR National Round 2        Ebberston RC Track, Yorkshire

May 16/17th                    LSOR National Round 3        Nene Valley Raceway, Northamptonshire

June 13/14th                   LSOR National Round 4        MMR Raceway, Wiltshire

July 11/12th                     LSOR National Round 5        Pickering RC Track, Yorkshire

August 15/16th                LSOR National Round 6        Lincolnshire Radio CCC

September 05/06th         LSOR National Round 7         Nene Valley Raceway, Northamptonshire

October 10/11th              LSOR National Round 8         Ebberston RC Track, Yorkshire


The series will continue to welcome all types of large scale off road vehicles and retains its race classes from previous seasons, which are :-

– Large Scale Off Road 2 Wheel Drive Buggy Class (for 2 wheel drive buggies with a max engine cc of 26cc and compliant to our construction rules, see 2019 section agm minutes for any changes for 2020)
– Large Scale Off Road 4 Wheel Drive Buggy Class (for 4 wheel drive buggies with a max engine cc of 30cc and compliant to our construction rules, see 2019 section agm minutes for any changes for 2020)
– Large Scale Off Road Short Course Class (for 2 & 4 wheel drive short course trucks with a max engine cc of 30cc and compliant to our construction rules, see 2019 section agm minutes for any changes for any changes for 2020)

Our 2020 handbook is currenlty at the printers but will be available electronically ahead of the first round via this website.

Our national championship awards 3 titles in each class, a junior title (must be <=16 at the opening round), a clubman title (excludes those drives classified by the section as national drivers) and a national title open to all.


 Please note that due to the popularity of our series we have instigated the waiting list option with priority given to those drivers who have paid for their events. 

To enter any of our 2019 National race meetings below PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN WITH YOUR BRCA ACCOUNT and have renewed your membership for the race season.


Juniors. Book in to your events as normal. Please note that the price will be displayed at the Senior Price. At check out make sure you select Pay On The Day - On the day you will pay the correct amount for entry. 



bikes copy

BRCA Bike Section 2020 Racing Calendar 

We’re pleased to confirm that we have a full calendar planned for 2020 with a good selection of Clubs who have welcomed the Section to their facilities. Along with some recently visited locations we are also visiting some new venues which we hope you will enjoy.

For 2020 the Section will be running a “PromoTour” of 7 individual race weekends.

Saturday - “Practice Day” which is also being used for instruction for those who are interested in trying the sport for the first time, we even have a Bike setup ready to use.

Sunday - Race Day with 3 Qualifying and 2 Finals for all.


Event 1 – Cotswold 18/19th April 2020

Event 2 – Crystal Palace 30/31st May 2020

Event 3 – Mendip 13/14th June 2020

Event 4 – West London 27/28th June 2020

Event 5 – Aldershot 11/12th July 2020

Event 6 – Halifax 22/23rd August 2020

Season Finale – Cotswold GP – Dez Chand Memorial 3/4th October 2020

In addition to the above calendar we also have the Bike World Championship 2/10th August in Austria and the Ulster TT 12/13th September 2020 which always put on a good showing for the Bikes.

We would also encourage Club racing where numbers allow. 

 Meeting Rules available from Bike Section Document tab

Meeting Entry Instructions 
Entry registration for 2020 is slightly different from previous years and added a few more options to help those who aren’t able to attend a full weekend. The entry cost has been maintained at £25 (earlybird discount available) for the full weekend with reduced entry for other options. We’ve added a few simple steps to assist you if needed.

  1. Decide which days you can attend, the options are:
    • Saturday practice only
    • Sunday race day only
    • Full weekend (Sat&Sun)
  2. Select the appropriate entry tab and then select "ADD TO CART" at the bottom of the page to open new window 
  3. Confirm your selection is correct and proceed to checkout or add more events.
    • Cashless payment accepted up to closing date/time and we would ask you to pay as soon as you can.
  4. At checkout you will be asked to complete all relevant information prior to payment.
    • It would be very helpful if you could confirm classes to be raced (2 max)
  5. Once completed continue to payment which confirms your entry.




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