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Its that time of the year again where you get to have your say and shape the future of RC Car Racing, The AGM 2019 is on 27th October at Premier Inn Leicester starting at 10am, This year is different to previous years as the section meetings will have already happened.

The AGM is the most important meeting of the year for the keen racer, as detailed in our handbook the AGM:


The AGM shall be held as soon after the end of the financial year as is practical and in any event not later than the month of February following. No BRCA Sanctioned events may take place on the day of the AGM. The following business shall be transacted at the AGM:-

  1. Reports on the general working of the Association and its sections.
  2. Representation of the Association accounts.
  3. Election of Officers and Auditor
  4. Review and agree the annual membership fee.
  5. Discussion of any other business of which due notice has been given.
  6. Arrange a provisional date for the next AGM which shall in any event be held within thirty days of the provisional date.

We all look forward to seeing you there


Venue Details

Details of venue for AGM

Premier Inn Leicester

Fosse Park,

Braunstone Lane East,



Premier Inn  –

Changing a Rule

Changing a rule

First bit is a simple statement - The BRCA doesn’t create rules. The Section Committees don’t create rules. The Membership creates the rules and the Officials you vote in enforce them. Any one of us (you, your club mates, an official - any of us) can change or create a rule. Or more accurately we can ‘propose’ a rule or rule change. This is done annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for each racing Section. If, when your proposed change is raised at the AGM, the majority of those present agree with you (after the matter has been explained and quite possibly discussed – even possibly amended) then a changed or new rule goes in the book – it’s as simple as that.


You need to know how to make that process work, so here goes:- Firstly; discuss it with other racers at your club, especially those that might have been to a few other clubs or raced in other classes. They may well come up with an observation that’s of benefit, or let your idea get kicked around on one of the discussion forums on the internet. Secondly; is this something that you only need to change to suit your club?

All too often a discussion comes up about a club class and ‘the BRCA rules say….’ gets quoted. A couple of pointers here - the BRCA General Rules are the only ones that MUST be adhered to at your club. If you want to modify or even create a set of rules for the classes of cars your club wants to race that’s perfectly fine – after all that’s exactly where most new classes come from.

So if you’ve got this far, you have a new rule proposal to make, you’ve not been shot down in flames by your club mates, and it’s something that needs changing for the class nationally or the sport as a whole. To make this change this is what you need to do If it’s a change to the Constitution or the General Rules write to the BRCA Secretary. Write your change down clearly, noting the existing rule number (if applicable) and stating your membership number and have it ‘seconded’ by another member who also wants to see the change happen.

If it’s a change to the rules for your class, (or for the Electric Board) it’s exactly the same procedure but write to the Section Secretary for your class or the Electric Board Secretary. Try and get to the AGM, all too often good ideas get buried because the proposer isn’t at the meeting to explain and discuss their idea. Don’t leave any of the above until the last minute, proposals need to be received well before the AGM, at least a month for the Main Association Rules, and you’ll need to check with Section Secretaries when they want to receive rule proposals by. 


AGM Proposal Form PDF



Section Proposals

Here you can download all proposals recieved for each section

Proposal Forms Download

AGM Proposal Form Word

AGM Proposal Form PDF

Where to send Proposals:

General Rule Changes: [email protected]


Additional Documents

Additional Documents

Proposal Forms:

AGM Proposal Form Word

AGM Proposal Form PDF

Please note, each section will have different cut-offs for proposals, always check with your section


BRCA Handbook 2019

BRCA Handbook 2018

BRCA Handbook 2017

BRCA Handbook 2016




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